By Taleen

While Earth Day is the more well-known holiday surrounding the need to protect the only planet we have, today is equally important if not more. Today (June 5th) is World Environment Day (WED) and was started in 1974 by the United Nations Environment Programme. The significance of this day must be on the minds of us all today and every day.


As explained on their website, WED is “the United Nations’ most important day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the protection of our environment [and since its conception] it has grown to become a global platform for public outreach that is widely celebrated in over 100 countries.”


It goes without saying that we only have one planet and it needs to be cared for, it’s our only home! Forests are being demolished to make way for parking lots, innocent animals are being poached and killed at alarming rates, all while copious amounts of our natural resources are being consumed by a small percentage of people. Our fellow brothers and sisters are suffering and something needs to be done. As the PSA below inquires, what mark will you leave?



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