By Taleen

Everyone can agree on the simple fact that New York City is home to countless restaurants and attractions (among other things!)  However, just narrowing it down to what to do as well as being able to afford it has become a task all on it’s own!


Luckily for us all, the powers that be have taken notice, which is why (similar to the bi-annual Restaurant Week) NYC is offering Broadway Week!  That time of year is quickly approaching again and it’s when highly sought after Broadway Show tickets are being sold 2-for-1! Wicked, Lion King, Aladdin have participated in the past and are slated to do so again.


This year tickets will go on sale on August 18th for the week of September 5-18th. For more information on participating shows and how to get tickets click here. It goes without saying that they sell out fast so make sure to mark your calendars. Enjoy!


Author’s Note: I HIGHLY recommend seeing Wicked!

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