By Cory Giles

If there is a female wrestler that will forever remain an icon it is Chyna.


Chyna whose real name is Joan Marie Laurer had an extraordinary career with the WWE. During her ride as a WWE superstar, Chyna broke several barriers for female wrestlers. Chyna started her career off being the muscle to WWE superstar HHH.  During her run Chyna was the 1st woman wrestler to enter the Royal Rumble and win the Interconential Championship. 


Today, we are going to relive some of Chyna’s most memorable moments in the ring. R.I.P Chyna and #ThankYou.


-Chyna’s WWE Debut

-Chyna Boob Raw Segment

-Chyna Win’s IC Title

-Chyna Enters The Royal Rumble

-Chyna Win’s Women’s Championship

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