By Anthony Rushing

It’s time to face it — the Atlanta Hawks are for real. As the NBA
heads towards the All-Star break, I began to notice the emerging
reality that the Hawks are not a fluke. They’re not a team that got
hot for a couple of weeks or just happened to catch a few breaks along
the way. When your record is 41-9 on the season, 21-1 since Christmas
Day, that’s no fluke or flash in the pan story. The Hawks are playing
like a team that could cause some damage in the playoffs, yes, the



I never would’ve thought before the season started that the Golden
State Warriors vs the Atlanta Hawks would be must-see television on a
Friday night in February. While Atlanta has everyone talking in the
East, the Warriors continue to do the same out in the West. Not only
did the Hawks win, it was how they went about it which was what made
for another impressive performance. They stretch a team all the way
out on defense with their spacing and ability to knock down the
three-point shot.  There’s also no real ‘go-to-guy’ on this team, the
Hawks share the ball and know how to spread it around to get everyone
involved. Golden State, owner’s of the league’s best defense, looked
anything but ready for Atlanta’s offensive attack. The Hawks scored 72
points against Golden State — in the second half. The final score was
a 124-116 victory at home.



Yes, there is still an entire second half of basketball left this
season. It’s possible the Hawks could do a 360 in the opposite
direction, possible but not likely in my opinion. Ultimately, Atlanta
will still have to prove themselves in the playoffs. In the meanwhile,
they continue to show everyone their the new team to beat in the east.

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