By Cory Giles

Life on Smackdown has been pretty tense since the Superstar shakeup.


One superstar that seems like they can’t catch a break is Baron Corbin. Baron was a top contender for the IC title. Now that is rival Dean Ambrose is on RAW, Corbin is focused on a new title. But, that dream went up in smoke when he lost a triple-treat match that AJ Styles won to become the top contender for the US Title.


It seems that the frustration started to show and Baron has a lot of anger to get out. First, starting with him and Kevin Owens orchestrating a 2-on-1 beatdown of AJ Styles. Then on Talking Smack he attached Sami Zayn, which lead to officials coming to the scene of the incident. While on Zayn Corbin ended up shoving a WWE official during the attack.


That shove lead to WWE Smackdown Live General Manager Shane McMahon to say this “It is never acceptable for an athlete in any sport to put their hands on an official, WWE is no exception. Baron Corbin’s actions on Talking Smack were irresponsible and unprofessional. He has been fined and suspended for one week [effective] immediately.”    

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