By Anthony Rushing

Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls has basically missed the last two years of his NBA career due to injuries.


It’s created a strong sense of interest among basketball fans whenever he’s on the court this season, however not for the reasons Rose or the Bulls would probably prefer.




Instead of fans anticipating the next time Rose shows off one of his breathtaking moves, there now seems to be a clock in everyone’s head for how long before he goes down with another injury.




On Thursday the Bulls defeated the Toronto Raptors 100-93, however Rose left the game late in the fourth quarter with a hamstring injury. The Bulls are being cautious with this, while Rose is downplaying it as a minor thing.



The reality is that in the eyes of those of us watching Rose, there’s no such thing as a minor injury anymore for him. It’ll be that way until he shows everyone he’s back to where he was two years ago, before his legs began to betray him. Time will tell and patience is required, meanwhile the clock continues to tick for when’s the next injury setback for Rose.



Random Thoughts …




The Knicks have now lost seven straight games, they were the medicine for a struggling Utah Jazz team to end their own six-game losing streak. My message to Knicks fans is simple — be patient, let team president Phil Jackson take all of this in before making his move, because it’s a only a matter of time before he does something.



Joe Johnson publicly called out his Brooklyn Nets teammates earlier in the week for being “selfish” on offense. The same person who leads Brooklyn in shot attempts from the field and in scoring, that guy. Johnson may not be worth the big-money contract he secured, however he’s also never been a player to make those type of public comments. Something’s going on behind the scenes with the Nets.




The Miami Dolphins are 6-4, their best record after 10 games since 2008. It’s still too early to call them an NFL playoff team, however they appear to be headed in the right direction … The Cleveland Browns are another NFL team beginning to turn heads for the right reasons. The Browns are 6-3 and in first place in the AFC North, it would be cool if they made the playoffs … The Mark Sanchez story could reach even higher levels if he continues his winning ways as the Philadelphia Eagles starting quarterback. Sanchez played his part in the misery of the New York Jets in recent years, however it all wasn’t his fault. He’s reminding all of us with his play that the talent to be a starting NFL quarterback is definitely still there, meanwhile the Jets are still the same ole’ Jets.



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