By Cory Giles

Since we can remember we would always track the Jets and Nets. Now things have changed.


Being that we are from New York and most of us like a NY Team we will now make the tracker based upon our major sports teams. So if your to busy to check a paper or look on an app , each week you can look here for all NY Teams standings. These standings will include NY Teams who are active in their season.




4th in Metropolitan , 8th in the Eastern Conference , 20 Wins – 11 Losses


New York Knicks :

hi-res-7880404_crop_northLast in the Atlantic , 14th in the Eastern Conference , 5 Wins – 30 Losses


Brooklyn Nets :



2nd in the Atlantic , 7th in the Eastern Conference , 16 Wins – 16 Losses


New York Islanders :

814260222nd in the Metropolitan , 2nd in the Eastern Conference , 23 Wins – 11 Losses


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