By Cory Giles

Now if this isn’t big NBA news.


With the NBA Trade deadline a month away, trade rumors are rapidly circulating around the league. Names like Brook Lopez, Ricky Rubio, and Paul Milsap are just a few of the names rumored to be moved before the NBA’s trade deadline. Tonight, the news broke that NBA All Star and elite shooter Kyle Kover is leaving Atlanta for Cleveland. Adding Kover to Clevland would make them an even more elite team that they all ready are. Cleveland has three All Stars already in Lebron James, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love.


The trade isn’t offical yet by league standards but if it goes down the Cavs would get Kyle Kover and the Atlanta Hawks would recieve a draft pick along with Mike Dunleavy. By the time this deal becomes official a third team could be in the mix as reported by

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