By Cory Giles

“This NBA off season has been one of the greatest off all time”- (In my Kanye West Voice)


Paul George and Melo are in OKC, Hayward and Kyrie are Celtics, D’Angelo Russell and Brook Lopez traded places, and DWade doesn’t have a home. Yesterday Wade was finally bought out of his Chicago Bulls contract after one season.

Wade gave up roughly $8 million to $9 million of the $23.8 million he stood to make after picking up his player option on June 20. The Bulls are in complete rebuild mode after trading away Jimmy Butler to the Wolves, and letting go of Rajon Rando.

Now the question is where will Wade go, some people are saying he will join his good friend Lebron in Cleveland, other believe he may join a great organization in San Antonio, or team up with OKC’s new big 3. As we wait for an answer ESPN weighs in on the options that are there for Dwade.


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