By Anthony Rushing

The Los Angeles Lakers have once again managed to find themselves the topic of discussion for all the wrong reasons, they can thank D’Angelo Russell for that.


Russell made headlines this week for secretly recording a video conversation between him and teammate Nick Young, the video apparently leaked and somehow managed to find its way into the public.


The video, which is believed to have come to light last week via the Twitter account of a celebrity gossip site, shows Russell filming Young while asking questions about Young being with other women than his current partner. Young and Australian rapper Iggy Azalea announced their engagement in June. –


Just when it’s safe to think this team can’t sink any lower as a franchise, here comes Russell and his secret recorder. Russell’s poor judgement violated the trust of his teammates, employers, and peers. There’s simply no excuse he can offer which justifies doing what he did. Russell being only 20 years old means nothing here, he has common sense and made the decision not to use it.


The future for the Lakers, when attempting to look beyond this disaster of a season, was already murky at best. Byron Scott is a head coach which prefers veteran players, the Lakers are a team comprised mostly of young talent. Upper management did little to nothing to avoid losing one of their key players Pau Gasol to free agency without getting anything for him. The Dwight Howard experiment was another disaster, Steve Nash was an expensive one which also failed.


Kobe Bryant is less than seven games away from ending his legendary career, it’s not a sure bet the Lakers are ready for life without the face of the franchise. Russell was drafted, second overall last year, with the hopes of representing the next generation for what’s arguably the NBA’s most iconic team. He’s apologized for his poor judgement, it may be too much to recover from at this point. What teammate can trust him? What potential free agent would want to go there and play alongside him? What coach would want to help develop him?  It’s just one more piece to add to the gift that keeps giving, the Lakers.


The NCAA Final Four is this weekend, in Houston. North Carolina, Syracuse, Oklahoma, and Villanova will take to the big stage in order to determine a national champion. The player to watch will be Buddy Hield of Oklahoma, when he gets going he’s must-see television. Hield is a future NBA talent which could write his own ticket with a big-time performance this weekend in front of a national audience. North Carolina is the favorite to win it all, expect to see the Tar Heels on Monday night raising the trophy.


Kyrie Irving isn’t lacking in confidence. The Cleveland Cavaliers point guard boldly proclaimed this week that his team is the “team to beat”. Well, apparently Irving isn’t concerned about all the ups, downs, and inconsistencies surrounding the Cavaliers this season. Maybe he just doesn’t see what everyone else does with this team. Cavaliers head coach Tyronn Lue, thankfully, provided a more realistic outlook on his team’s chances for the playoffs.


“Well, I think the team that we have, I think our team is very confident,” Tyronn Lue said Friday when asked about Kyrie Irving’s recent comments before the Cavs’ 110-108 win over the Atlanta Hawks. “When [Irving] says ‘the team to beat,’ I would say ‘the team to beat in the East.’ I wouldn’t say overall because Golden State won the championship last year. –


It’s April which means baseball is back. Major League Baseball is ready to begin their new season with a rematch of last year’s World Series between the New York Mets and defending champion Kansas City Royals, Sunday night.

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