By Cory Giles

It looks like next basketball season Stephon Marbury will have a new home.


Who would’ve thought the team that rejuvenated Stephen Marbury’s basketball career would be letting him go. After leaving the NBA back in 2009 Steph headed to China in 2010 to start over with the game he loves. He started his career in the CBA (China Basketball Association) as a member of the Shanxi Zhongyu Brave Dragons. In 2011, he would become a member of the Beijing Ducks and then become Basketball immorality in China. 


Marbury has won Championships, received a statute, even has his own museum thanks to his play as a member of the Beijing Ducks. This upcoming season however the Ducks are looking to rebuild and Steph isn’t in the plans. The team has not even named a new head coach after letting go of Coach Min a man who lead them to three championships. Now with his contract terminated would you love to see Steph give the NBA one more try? Even though he has stated he wants to play out the one year left on this China contract.   


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