By Cory Giles

American Alpha has truly been a tag team force at NXT.


Since becoming a team last year Jason Jordan and Chad Gable are very important to NXT’s tag team renaissance. Now for someone who was been watching wrestling forever Jason Jordan and Chad Games have all the makings of a great tag team. When watching them I see pieces of The Rockers, The Steiners, Edge & Christian, as well as Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas. Everyone knows those were solid tag teams in the wrestling world, American Alpha’s chemistry just balance’s them out.


Last year when they didn’t win NXT Tag Team of the year it was quite shocking but, you have to remember they weren’t together long. The duo seems to improve every time they step into the ring together. The even hang out a bit outside of the ring. I can see them two years from now truly ruling the WWE’s tag team division and having great battles with The New Day, The Usos, and watching them against Y2AJ would’ve been awesome.


Last night on NXT the battled for a chance to head to Dallas during WrestleMania weekend at NXT Takeover. In a great matchup with the Vaudevillains, American Alpha was victorious. Next stop.. DALLAS

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