By Cory Giles

Last night was an amazing way to start of Wrestlemania weekend.


The show overall was a 4 and a half our of 5 stars effort. The card was solid and the matches were just as good.The show kicked off with NXT Tag Champs The Revival defending the gold against the #1 contenders American Alpha. This match was the perfect event starter. We watched the tag champs The Revival show off their wit, skill, and experience has the champs.


Breaking up counts, isolating Gable from Jordan, and a couple of cheap shots it seemed like the Revival were on point to keep the titles. However, their effort was matched by a team that has only been together for several months. American Alpha is a huge fan favorite and showed off their speed, hunger, and will in the bout.


When it was all said and done an amazing bling tag from Gable to Jordan lead to a corner spear and the team’s finisher to secure them the tag team titles.



There was another title change that went down in one amazing Women’s Championship match.Bayley defended her title against the undefeated Asuka. This match was a solid battle and very unpredictable. Bayley has the hearts of the WWE universe and Asuka is a decorated talented who hasn’t lost since coming to NXT.


In a match that had several back and forth moments, both competitors were hungry to leave that match with the Championship. Bayley caught fire during the middle of the match and it looked like she would regain her belt back. But, as it usually goes all it takes is one slip it to cost you the gold. That slip up  ended with Bayley locked into a submission by Asuka. If you watched closely Bayley didn’t tap but passed out. That is a controversial ending and I am sure we will see a rematch.




Watch Asuka’s Championship celebration below.

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