By Trent
Some days i admit it is hard to make it to the gym. Maybe you are just too busy, no one to watch the kids, no one to watch the dog, maybe the rain is falling and you just don’t want to go outside.


But now you are stuck indoors and you feel guilty as you have just started your fitness journey.


Here are some workout TIPS and exercises that will help sooth your guilty feelings until your busy schedule clears up.


Invest in some resistance bands. Not only does it provide different levels of resistance but it is also portable and easy to use. 


TIP 2 
Do some research on different exercises that you can perform with the resistance bands. You will be surprised about the great workout it gives.


Now that you have invested in these resistance bands here are a few exercises to master indoor. This is where your homework and research on these particular movements come in. So back to school do your homework and learn these exercises. Some may be performed free weight (without resistance) and depending on your fitness level you can integrate the resistance bands into the movement.
1) Shoulder Press 
2) Squats
3) Pushups
4) Dips
5) Burgees
6) squat jumps
7) Jumping jacks
8) Bicep Curls


The list goes on but these are the basic few that will give you a great upper and lower body workout keeping the body engaged until you return to the gym.


I’m your Coach Trent aka GoGettem 


Always remember to achieve any goal you must eliminate all possible excuses that will prevent you from attaining the goals and  then you must put in the work necessary. Do your part daily and the results will come. GoGettem!
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