By Trent
Today I will give a simple Diet Tip that will be able to guide the way you prepare your meals throughout the day… It will also answer the famous question “coach can I eat after 6pm.”


TIP – Before you prepare a meal always ask yourself “what am i going to do for the next three hours.” 


For example, if you are going to train, then eat more carbohydrates because your body requires energy for a dynamic workout session especially for the most hated by many LEG DAY! 


In the reverse if you are going to nap then you minimize your carbohydrate intake because there isn’t much or any energy output in the bed (well except for the lucky few). So in other words, adjust your carbohydrates up or down depending upon your anticipated energy output for the next activity. Also do the same with your protein. Protein is necessary for growth and repair therefore after every workout it is necessary to increase your protein intake immediately after.


So class can you eat after 6pm? Yes, you can. It all depends on what is your next activity and also on what the meal consists of. So no more going to bed in a starvation state. I just saved your life thank me later.


Meditate on this Tip until next week where I will reveal more Tips on Nutrition. 


I’m Your Coach Trent aka GoGettem and remember its not about what you want to eat its about what you need to eat towards your specific goal. Stop being a cry baby and eat good food. GoGettem!
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