By Cory Giles

We have our final Fitness Tip for workout beginners.


It’s been a great 5 weeks helping you start off the year right. Giving you the right tips to get your body right. This week may be a tip you are going to enjoy.


Beginner Tip 5 Week 5: Know When to Take a Break


When people start out, they are often overzealous and try to get to the gym every day, Higgins said. However, by not letting your body rest, you can be doing much more harm than good.

“If you don’t give your body time to heal and repair itself, your performance will go down and you’ll get into a vicious cycle where you never fully recover,” he said.

And if you’re sore after a workout, that’s good — unless it hurts too much.

“It is normal to have pain and soreness after exercise,” Higgins said. “Don’t run to take a painkiller, because that can mask pain and cause you to do real damage to your body. Let yourself recover naturally.”


You read that take a break , relax , you can’t stay fit if your tired.  Also, over working yourself isn’t good. Hopefully you enjoyed these 5 tips over the past 5 weeks.  You can always check out for more tips.

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