By Cory Giles

Now onto the Week 3 Fitness Tip for workout beginners.


This week we are going to tell you mix it up and why is that ? Because , it helps your body get into the mold you are going for.


Beginner Tip 3 Week 3: Mix it Up

Whether you’re going for weight loss or bulking up, a mixed regimen of aerobic and strength training is the best way to achieve the body you want. But even within those categories, don’t stick to the same exercises every day, Higgins said. 

“Don’t go running every day,” he said. “It’ll get boring and you’ll get to a point where you don’t enjoy it anymore. Try biking, or the elliptical or whatever you enjoy most. If you like to play basketball or tennis, do that, because you’re more likely to stick to something you enjoy.”

In addition, move between the four various types of exercise, which are aerobicresistance (strength) trainingflexibility (which includes yoga) and balance, which is important for seniors. 

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