By Lauren

You have to work to survive right?

It’s the American way they say. Yet I wonder how much time do we actually spend balancing work and life.


I am from New York; city of hustle and bustle. There we learn things like everything must keep going or money doesn’t stop. If we really want to be honest that is where “securing the bag” originated. I was blessed to have lived in both the city and in the suburbs which allowed me to gain more of a respect for slowing things down. Fast forward to the present and I have to be in one of the slowest states in the South has to offer. ( Well in comparison to New York anyway)


Before I left New York I learned and I didn’t want to be in a place where people could not slow down and smell the roses. I decided I wanted more life. Impossible they said, it will never work, and you’ll be back soon but I haven’t even thought of returning. I just wanted sometime to experience nature, entrepreneurship and to do the opposite of what my city taught me to do. (It’s great to take risks!!!)


While I may never be as slow and as I may always want excitement my life’s work must create balance. It must be rooted in passion and pure love for waking up every day and helping to create change.


Today I ask how well do you want to be? It will never benefit you to have a “job” that you hate or be confined to a desk and never have the opportunity to walk outs side and get some fresh oxygenated air. In fact it can make you sicker than you could imagine. For example those who work on Wall Street often all look the same. Overstressed, balding and when the work day is done they headed to the nearest train home opening a cold beer and eating lots of red meat! Speaking in terms of food energy that is a perfect disaster. One could not fathom the amount of sickness that comes along with such pressure and abundance.


Ask yourselves these questions:
1. How many hours do you spend working versus how many hours are spent just enjoying life?
2. Is it all about the money if you can’t spend it doing what you love?
3. Is working too much adding to your stress?
4. Would you ever take a risk and try something different?


If you have answered yes to any of these questions then change should be on the horizon!

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