By Lauren



It’s March ( already the third month of the new year?) and also grind season in terms of weight loss and money stacking for those spring and summer trips.


However my March isn’t about anything but fiber! The truth is most of us are deficient in fiber and as it causes a myriad of issues and can hinder your progress in weight loss. Keeping with my tradition of doing things naturally here is a list of fibrous foods you can add to your diet should you want to lose stubborn pounds and have glowing skin!


Fiber Rich Foods:

1. Legumes
2. Green Leafy Vegetables
3. Coconut
4. Avocado
5. Pear
6. Berries ( Raspberry and Blackberry)
7. Peas
8. Okra
9. Acorn Squash
10. Brussel Sprouts
11. Flax/ Chia seeds
12. Quinoa


Note: The part they don’t tell you is the fiber is found most in the parts of the fruit or veggies that most people dispense of; the skin and stems! So wash them well, buy organic only and consume. I am positive this list will help you slowly create a better relationship with fiber and maximize those results from your weekly gym routine. Remember everything requires the ample amount of water; this is no different. Raising your fiber intake to can lead to constipation and bloating if the proper amount of water is not being consumed. Water acts as a flush and pushes the fiber through the colon!

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