By Lauren

One of the most addicting substances in America is sugar! Said to have the same effects on the brain as cocaine it’s surprising that it doesn’t come along with any jail sentence.


In the 1940’s sugar took the place of fat in our diet. Studies began to correlate heart disease and several other diseases had spread due to the excess fat we were consuming.


Fast forward to today and fat makes you thin and sugar is destroying the health of millions. A myriad of sickness and disease is caused by the sweet culprit and we can’t help it because it is literally in EVERYTHING we consume. Next time you order takeout or eat at any restaurant that has salt packets read the ingredients. I bet you’ll think that the only ingredient should be salt but you are wrong! In each packet sugar is an ingredient as well. Completely atrocious to think your salt could be adding on pounds and helping to feed the silent addition with loud consequences.


Someone addicted to sugar will most definitely add sugar to anything! Does anyone remember the heated debate had between those in favor of putting sugar on grits or in spaghetti sauce. (Personally it’s just disgusting) Initially sugar was put in spaghetti sauce to help cut the acidity but people became more heavy handed and now they cannot consume any without it.? When did we get so far from the natural taste of food?


Never have I ever been a fan of sugar myself but much of what I have consumed during my unhealthy colleges years ?was filled with sugar. Things like pizza, pasta,rice, liquor and of course juice to make mixed drinks.? After college and went on a journey to leave it all behind. Can you??


This next week your challenge should you choose to accept it is to get rid of all sugar (Minus fruits and veggies) for a week??


God Bless!

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