By Cory Giles

Now with Valentines day on the way this can be one amazing gift!


In UncommonGreen’s newest twist on their original Maps Glassware collection, their intricate city map designs are now gilded in shimmering 22k gold, so you can sip your drink of choice in true vintage style. So whether you’re from New Orleans or San Francisco, salute with your sweetheart and let these new Goldleaf glasses help you relive priceless memories – and create new ones!


Is your city featured in the Goldleaf collection? Visit UncommonGreen to explore the more than 20 major U.S. cities available and find your, or your loved one’s, hometown.


UncommonGreen is an established visionary leader in the barware industry and specializes in transforming conventional drinking glasses into a brilliant experience by adorning them with unique designs such as maps of city streets, mountain topography, and island coastlines of top destinations around the U.S. and the world. The company makes each glass an intriguing work of art, an engaging story, and a place to never forget.



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