By Lauren

I don’t know about you all but it’s nothing sexier than a clean mouth and some white teeth.


I know it’s popular now to have your teeth whitened using millions of unsavory chemicals that happen to be very expensive. Don’t have the money?? Crest makes an incredible white strip system! However that is at the cost of never being able to bite ice cream ( yes I chew my vanilla rice cream) or anything cold for a while. The sensitivity is unbearable and painful.


As my life transitioned more into wellness I began to study what the people of the past had done. The first toothbrush didn’t surface until the 1930’s or so and in other areas of the world people had never brushed their teeth. ( Yikes!)
A popular technique used in Ayurvedic medicine was and still is oil pulling.


As alternative medicine is becoming not so alternative American culture has started again to adopt this quick and easy procedure for a healthy mouth. I personally have been oil pulling and making my own toothpaste and powder for the past 4 years because of the fluoride and sodium lauryl sulfate ridden toothpastes on the market.

Here’s how to oil pull:

Step 1: On the am wake up (Before you eat or drink anything!!!) take a tablespoon of coconut oil or sesame seed oil by mouth!

Step 2: Swish the oil for about 20 minutes ( yes I know it’s long)

Step 3: Spit it out and rinse with salt water

Step 4: Proceed with your brush routine!
Now that you know what to do here are the benefits:

⁃ Kills germs
⁃ Cures tooth decay
⁃ Whitens teeth
⁃ Cures bleeding gums
⁃ Reduces inflammation
⁃ Boosts immune system
⁃ Cures bad breath (Major Key!!!)
⁃ Prevents cavities

In closing, think about it, read about it and maybe even try it! Improve your smile and get taken a bit more seriously.

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