By Cory Giles

This week we give a tip for those of you cruise goers.


Going on a cruise and don’t know how to pack? It’s cool a lot of people don’t , cruises aren’t like regular trips.  Your on water for days, your hotel is on the ship.


Choosing Your Luggage For A Cruise:

Packing – is it your least favourite part of a holiday? Do you struggle with what to pack and when you finally get it all together, you don’t have enough space? Tedious. The fact there is no weight limit for luggage on a cruise is extremely attractive to everyone, but what happens when you are flying to meet your ship? The job of packing completely changes when there is a weight limit involved and it is estimated 40% of holiday-makers will not take a fly-cruise due to airline weight limits. With most European flights having a 20kg allowance it sparks instant panic in our minds.

I regularly visit cruise forums to see what cruisers are talking about and more importantly, what people are wanting to find out. A subject that I have seen regularly is the dreaded 20kg weight limit. With many of us preparing for our summer cruises it is no surprise this subject is trending again.



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