By Jasmine

There’s nothing like enjoying 140 acres of history,fun and paradise all on an incomparable piece of land with an exotic feel. Stepping into its second century, The Breakers Hotel is now one of the Top 20 most visited resorts in Florida. 

The hotel was once named The Palm Beach Inn which was opened by Henry Flagler on January 6th, 1896, to accommodate the travelers who passed through on his Florida East Coast Railway. Then was rebuilt in 1925 and called The Breakers Palm Beach Hotel, and since has been a popular historic luxury hotel on a private beach.
This South Florida ocean front resort is legendary and very family oriented. It also is designed with this Italian Renaissance style feel to it. With the resort being located in the heart of Palm Beach, you are on the island with many amenities such as 36-hole championship golf course, tennis courts, one and a half mile stretch of private beach, four oceanfront pools and five whirlpool spas, along with, 25 luxury beach bungalows, ocean front spa, fitness centers, Henry Flagler Museum, kids camp, high-end restaurants and various entertainment options to choose from along the island.
With its breathtaking setting, the architecture of the building, array of amenities and the history behind it all, I can understand why The Breakers Hotel is seemed to be one of the coolest hotels in Florida!


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