By Cory Giles

For being a business person on the go and constantly traveling having Wi-Fi is a must.


When going oversea’s the roaming charges are crazy but now there are so many ways to control what you pay and stay connected. Karma Go is a Wi-Fi Hot Spot that gives you the wonderful option of paying as you go. You start off by picking between two single Wi-Fi plans,  one offering $14 per GB and the other offering $50 for 15 GBs. These plans are affordable and will save you a lot of money.


Karma Go was also ranked one of the Top 5 mobile Hot Spots from tech website Gear Patrol. While using Karma Go you will be able to easily monitor data through the Karma Go App. Check out this review on Karma Go from SkyForce95.



Intersted in purchasing a Karma Go visit here.

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