By Tiamari

Most people in the Fall tend to go to hot summer scenic destinations such as Miami, Puerto Rico, and Bahamas just to name a few.


We don’t here about the more cooler vacations spots to go to like the beautiful Niagara Falls in Canada located just 17 miles North West of Buffalo New York. Have you ever imagine seeing fireworks over the falls or going under the waterfalls, hiking, and horseback riding all in one weekend. There are three water falls the largest is Horseshoe the 2nd American falls and the smallest is Bridal veil falls.
Do you want to get real close the falls? You can take a tour or what most tourist would say an “excursion of the basin into Niagara Falls”.The tours are called the Cave of Wind and the Maid of the Mist. The Cave of the Wind is walk through to the hurricane deck. Everyone that take a tour of Niagara Falls must wear a rain poncho and special designed shoes because you will get soaked. When taking the tour you will travel through a stormy mist zone and the bridal veil falls gives off very tropical storm like setting.
In Niagara Falls there is so much to do with all the attractions from taking the tours of the famous falls, watching the fireworks over the falls hiking in Niagara Gorge, the aquarium and the observation tower which allows to oversee all three water falls. If you ever think about visiting go to also you need a passport to visit.

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