By Tiffany

The World Cup is over, the 2016 Olympic Games are coming up soon, and the perfect time to travel to the wondrous Rio de Janeiro is now!


On top of everyone’s travel list, and rich in culture, Rio is known for its yearly carnival, multiple festivals and the Cristo Redentor. Tropical, beautiful and accessible, Rio de Janeiro is a destination sure to please all vacationers.

Immerse yourself in the culture and get lost in the rhythms of Samba from local restaurants and clubs while strolling down the streets of Rio or even enroll in a quick Samba class, there are over 200 samba schools in the Rio de Janeiro area. Soak up some rays on Copacabana Beach in the resort town of Copacabana, or explore idyllic Ipanema, a key player in the cultural influence of Brazil in the past and today with various art museums to visit, universities and renowned restaurants.

It’s no wonder Rio is nicknamed, Cidade Maravilhosa, (The Marvelous City Everything you need for a blissful vacation can be found in Rio; from adventure on the Sugar Loaf Mountain Tour, leisurely island hopping and nightlife. With all of the recent global attention, Rio is upping up its attractions and accommodations; so beat the lackluster weather of Fall and enjoy the Spring/Summer season of Brazil. Visit for more insight, travel ideas, and booking information.

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