By Tyler Gilbert

In a city like Atlanta where everyone is constantly on the move, the city feels like it never sleeps.  


Atlanta is known for it’s night life across the country by way of movies, music and TV. The truth is everyone who lives in Atlanta is entrapped into the fast life to some way. Whether you are young and hip or strapped down with a family, everyone is pressed for time.  That make you highly susceptible to eating on the run, which bring us to the food scene.


Yes the entertainment industry has brought Atlanta notoriety, but the food here deserves credit  as well. Atlanta hosts one of the top five best burgers in the country according to multiple online sources. Holeman and Finch started this craze in 2008, which is interesting because they left the burger off the initial menu. The burger was design originally for people who worked in the restaurant business and got off late. They eventually added the burger to the menu, but there was a catch. They only made 24 burgers a night, holding the burger in high demand. For six years people were rushing to this Pub to ensure that they would get a delicious burger for the night. Luckily since 2014 they serve the burger all the time now.



Well what makes this burger so delicious?

• The Meat: Two juicy patties made of a 50-50 mix of rich brisket (for robust flavor) and lean chuck (for balanced texture). The only seasoning? A sprinkling of kosher salt.

• The Bun: These hand-shaped mini loaves are a variation on pain de mie, a hybrid of brioche and classic sandwich bread that includes milk in the dough for subtle sweetness.

• The Cheese: The staff experimented with Cheddar, Gruyère, and blue before settling on Kraft American cheese because “it melts like no other.”

• The Pickle: Frisky pickling spices—mustard seeds, peppercorns, onion strands yellowed with turmeric—often hide among the slices of homemade bread-and-butter pickles.



After hearing about this burger I had to try it for myself. I will say that it is probably in the top three burgers that I’ve ever had. I forgot to mention that they also make their own condiments from scratch. The ketchup is sweet and tangy, it has a light vinegar taste with a twist of cinnamon.  The mustard is so fresh that you think to grow a mustard tree yourself.  Some people don’t like the portion size but it filled me quite well. Let’s just say it was a struggle to get home, I caught the itis. I recommend  you trying this spot out for yourself, if you are out enjoying Atlanta’s night life or just want a good burger. The price is a bit pricey, but it is well worth the experience. Your tasted buds will be dancing and stomach satisfied. 



Holeman and Finch has two separate location as well that only sells burgers, but also serves as a bar. The main location has a full menu for you to explore. Again, I’m pretty sure that Chef Linton Hopkins won’t leave you disappointed because he also has a passion for vegetables as well.



The Hours for the main location are:

Sunday 11:30AM–10PM

Monday 5PM–12AM

Tuesday 5PM–12AM

Wednesday 5PM–12AM 

Thursday 5PM–2AM

Friday 11:30AM–2AM

Saturday 11:30AM–2AM

H & F Burger is open from:

Sunday 11AM–10PM

Monday 11AM–10PM

Tuesday 11AM–11PM

Wednesday 11AM–11PM

Thursday 11AM–11PM

Friday 11AM–11PM

Saturday 11AM–11PM

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