By Cory Giles

Always on the go , deal with a lot of contracts , writing on the go , excel sheets??


Today the new age business person always needs a computer by their side most of the time , phones are great and can do what computers so do a certain capacity.  Screen size , keyboard , and memory are something that a phone just can’t match on some occasions.  The Macbook Air is a great investment for the college student and business person on the go.  Those bus rides home for the holidays and you need a paper typed, the Air will have you covered.  There are a lot of notebooks out there but , the Macbook Air is ultra thin and has a keyboard that is full-sized.  Also, the keyboard has backlights for when the cabin lights dim on planes or trains.  You have a camera which enables video conferences calls on Skype or FaceTime with family. Even Time Magazine said that the Air is one of the 25 most have travel items.  Keep your luggage light and trips productive with Apple’s Macbook Air.


Check out this cool video from iCrackUriDevice about the Macbook Air:





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