By Cory Giles

Do you ever want to see the world , go places and try new things?


Sometimes we have little things that hold us back on traveling around the world.  Me I’ve always wanted to go to Hong Kong , I have friends there and I know they won’t be the me every moment of my trip.  So that one thing that is holding me back is the language barrier.  I don’t speak any language outside of my own.  The world is changing so being fluent in more than one language is a good thing.  For some they don’t have the time , the resources , or just are too old. Thanks to technology we don’t have to worry as much about not being able to communicate when traveling in foreign lands. This travel app we profile today will help you figure out some terms you just can’t translate on your own.


Google is a monster and is taking over the world. From phones to apps Google does it all. Including tackling the language barrier and they are doing it with the app Google Translate. Google Translate helps you translate text/phrases from other languages. The app isn’t perfect but its better than being completely lost in language. Watch this video from LA Times own Sarah Hasim-Waris as she used Google Translate to Travel around Tokyo.  This video will help you see how much on an impact Google Translate will have on your trip. It won’t help you with all things but, does play a part in helping you communicate with natives in their homeland while visiting. 




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