By Ashley

My daughter decided for her 10th birthday that she wanted to do something different. When she suggested “Top Golf” I immediately thought of Putt-Putt Gold or similar places like that with arcades and other interactive games. So I was completely shocked when we pulled up to what looked like some futuristic high-tech golfing museum from the next several decades. 



Top Golf is the premier golfing experience; a combination of sports and a lounge. When you first enter it’s a restaurant/bar to your left and stairs to your right that go up three floors. Directly in front of you can see everyone who’s playing golf through glass. It’s sleek, beautiful and very welcoming.



The customer service is excellent, once you sign in and get your membership card (which tracks your score history from whatever game you’ve played) you’re escorted to your section. You have chairs, couches, and your own waiter to order food, drinks, or alcoholic beverages. Anyone can play, from ages 5 and up. Top Golf is a 240 feet outfield with dart like targets in the ground.  The closer to the center you get and the further out you hit your ball, the more points you receive. 


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