By Taleen

With the first full week of the new year barely under our belt, most of us are a bit overwhelmed with this pressure to be “new.” While it may be overwhelming, know that it doesn’t have to be!


If you are capable of making drastic 180 degree changes in your life then go for it! If not, then rest assured you are still capable of changing for the better. Baby steps are just as important in early life as they are during early stages of any milestone in ones life. New years shouldn’t be any different!


There are many different ways to start a new and it doesn’t take many resources, just a willing spirit! One of the biggest complaint, it seems, is not having enough time, so that being said let’s all start this year by using our time wisely. The rest will surely all fall into place. One way to spend time better in the new year is by donating yours to a worthy cause. It not only will bring some much appreciated positivity into the world but it won’t cost you a dollar!


Time isn’t the only thing that needs to be spent wisely in 2017, and beyond! Some are looking for ways to improve ones love life while others need assistance with finances. Click on the links below to kickstart your new year off right and enjoy 2017!


If you’re looking to change up your love life, take a look at your best online options for 2017 here!

Money is one of the main things people vow to earn and save more of, so here is an easy way to start doing just that (and some hacks)!

Lastly, none of the above matters if one is not in the right state of mind. Meditation has been catching on more for that simple fact so here are some suggestions to help you get started.


If you have any other suggestions, feel free to comment and let us know!

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