By Jerms

This is Jerms and this is my sneaker review for the week. I’ll be here every Friday talking about the hottest upcoming sneaker releases.


This week I’ll be talking about the new colorway to the KD7 sneaker collection.
The ” Good Apples ” KD7s will be out on October 4th , and this shoe will have the streets buzzing. With it’s sleek black exterior with a green sole and red Nike check. I’m predicting these bad boys will fly off the shelves and for the estimated retail price of $150 it definitely makes this shoe a steal. Personally I am a big fan of KD on the court and in the shoe business. He always has a sleek , comfortable , and diverse shoe that is appealing to an athlete or a regular sneaker head.


If you have any questions about the sneaker. Comment below and I’ll get back to you.

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