By Kadeem

You don’t have to travel the 99 miles to Philly to get one of the best cheese steaks in New York.


Instead just a short train ride away in New York’s East Village on Third Avenue between East 12th and East 13th Streets you will find a cheese steak that rivals some of the best in Philadelphia at 99 Miles to Philly.

Whereas many cheese steak restaurants only offer one type of cheese for the sandwich 99 Miles to Philly offers a variety of cheeses including American, and Provolone. For fries the restaurant serves freshly fried seasoned waffle fries, which can be topped with cheese and or chili at the customer’s request. Every table has a bottle of barbecue sauce and hot sauce for the sandwiches and fries. Other menu offers include chicken fingers and jalapeno poppers as well as Tasty Kakes for desert.

The small cash only restaurant has few tables to sit in and dine but if you are able to grab a table the location provides prime views of what’s happening along Third Avenue in the East Village as well as a intimate setting. The restaurant also offers online ordering and delivery service.

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