By Cory Giles

We all loose things.


Keys , wallets , and luggage we all loose at times. We get caught up in a situation or have to much going on. Imagine if their was a way to track those lost things. Few things would happen you would worry less and save money on replacing what was loss. Thanks to Tile we now have a way to keep tabs on items we loose. They say if you’d miss it, tile it. You can hook Tile to anything and then locate it with your iOS device. What Tile does is casts a signal across a 100 foot radius to search for your device. People have lost items in New York , out on family adventures at theme parks , even outdoors but thanks to Tile they were able to retrieve whatever was lost. Now I lost my keys about 3 weeks ago I found them 2 days later but , if I had Tile it wouldve been even more easier to locate and quicker to retrieve. Tile isn’t even very expensive , in fact its very affordable only $20. Also , Tile is small and can stick on objects you are afraid of loosing. The Tile App however if free and available in the Apple App Store or The Google Play Store.






Want to purchase the app visit here .


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