By Jasmine

We are taking it to the Bay for today’s Florida Spotlight Sunday. 


Looking for things to do in the Tampa Bay? I have the solution for you. The Straz Center is located in Tampa and the perfect place to go for performing arts. 


The formerly known Tampa Bay Performjng Arts Center opened in 1987 and since has made great changes and additions. Known to be one of the nations best touring stops for Broadway shows.  The Straz has five theaters that host concerts, performances, grand operas and other various events and on a weekly basis. Each week they have about 2-5 shows. 


Best part is you can eat before and on selected occasions eat after a performance. There are three restaurants within the venue. A buffet that is offered for Broadway Series, operas and special events named Maestro’s Restuarant. Then there is Maestro’s Cafe in side one of the theaters called Carol Morsani Hall. Maestro’s On The River is located near the fountains where you can also enjoy food post show on Fridays and Saturdays for selected events. 


So whether it’s for business or vacation, when visiting Tampa Bay, the city of the arts, make sure to check out the latest events or concerts happening at the Straz Center! 

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