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True, the Meatpacking District comes alive in the nighttime,


but with the recent opening of the Gansevoort Market, the hours of 9am-10pm just may be the new peak time to visit. The historic 8,000 square foot space, which has remained vacant for years, has been transformed into what promises to have the potential for becoming a main attraction in the neighborhood.




The space looks humble from the street view, but once inside is filled with an expertly selected variety of vendors. Whether it is a freshly prepared Italian sandwich you are craving, or a crepe, or a taco, or some sushi, or pastries…well you get the picture, the Gansevoort Market has it. Not only do they have it, but they have the best of the best with each offering as mouthwatering as the next.




Each vendor had complete control of making their piece of real estate their own, and it is evident that this privilege was taken seriously. As you flow through the space, you truly feel as though the setting is changing around you every few steps. Aside from the food, flowers, fresh produce and meats that are offered for sale, simply strolling through the market is an experience worth stopping in for.




Huge plus…there is a beautiful courtyard-like seating area and restrooms on the premise! So whether you are looking for something quick to grab and go, or have some time to spend, make sure to go check out the newest addition to the Meatpacking District.





P.S. We will have all of the pictures from our visit on our Facebook page tomorrow at 3PM EST.


All Photos Were Taken By : @JohnnyUtahX

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