By Cory Giles

It says #FreeMaxB on the bottom of your food receipt how can they not have great chicken!


I love to eat , growing up here in New York you get to eat food from all walks of life. Me I’m an american food kind of guy burgers , fries, wings, you know all that good eating while watching the game food.  Living here I have come across some great places to eat but, when it comes to chicken this place is one of the best.  I discovered Seoul Chicken while tweeting online and decided to give it a go.




Soon as I walked in they asked me was it my first time at Seoul, when I told them yes they gave me their personal recommendations,  which I really liked.  The staff was very friendly.  For my order I went with the Kemchi Fries which were really good.  Personally I am not a fan of fries with rub on them, but the rub they used really bought out a great taste in the fries.  Along with my fries I got the Sriracha & Honey Wings, they were crispy and delicious.  You know how you go to some wing spots and they don’t have enough meat on the wing or give you enough wings, well this beats your Chinese stores 4 wings and fries hands down!!!  I enjoyed everything from the food to the customer service.  I recommend that you try Seoul Chicken they are located on the Lower East Side on 71 Clinton Streets.  Taking the train the F and J are your best bet to Essex.



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