By Cory Giles

As you guys know we are media partners for Fashion Week In Brooklyn.


As a part of this partnership every Sunday starting today until May 1st, we will highlight a designer who took part in Fashion Week Brooklyn. For this first post, we are highlighting Irina Shabayeva. If that name sounds familiar it should, Irina Shabayeva won the sixth season of Project Runway.


Irina has fashion in her blood her father is famed designer Jean Paul Gaultier. Irina Shabayeva was born in the Republic of Georgia and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y. Irina has amazing skills, she already has a very successful bridal collection that you can view at Outside of her bridal collection she also was her Luxe Collection.


In 2003, Irina Shabayeva graduated from Parsons School of Design. She takes those skills she learned in school and applies it to her work in fashion. Last year Irina was one of the designers at Fashion Week Brooklyn and showed off some amazing stuff from her 2016 Spring/Summer collection. Check out what she put together for the show below.


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Like what you see from Irina follow her updated on her Twitter here. Stay tuned each Sunday as we will high more designer from Fashion Week Brooklyn. For more information on the show visit here.

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