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The High Museum of Art located in Atlanta, is the leading art museum in the Southeastern United States. The High is located on 1280 Peachtree Street in Midtown, the city’s arts district. The museum has over 15,000 works of art including decorative art, European paintings, African American art, modern and contemporary art, photography and folk art. 



The museum has monthly specials such as Second Sunday Fun Days where admission is free every second Sunday. Another special is Toddler Thursdays where they have artmaking workshops that explore the High’s collection through letter, numbers, colors and shapes.  For teens they have what is known as Open Studio, which is every first Friday of the month where teens can participate in different arts and crafts using paint, charcoal, metal and fabric.



Beginning April 2 the High has the exhibition “I See a Story: The Art of Eric Carle.” They will feature over 80 of his collages and take visitors on a journey from 16 of his most popular books. From June 11- August 14th The High has an exhibition titled “The Rise of the Sneaker Culture.” This exhibition includes 155 sneakers and follows the evolution of the sneaker from its origins to its role in the present day. Featured are sneakers from Nike, Adidas, Converse, Puma, Reebok, Prada as well as some private collectors.  Also featured are designers who collaborated with artists to create the shoe such as Kanye West and Damien Hurst. 



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  1. Ashley's mom says:

    I found this very enlightening and exceptional. I love museums and I think this will be one of my favorite places to go when I move to Atlanta. Everyone should know about tho great museum that has so much to offer to everyone one and all ages. Great blog Ashley. I look forward to more

  2. Tyler says:

    As a person who likes to explore different aspects of the city of Atlanta. I found this blog to be very informative. After this read I will be definintely be paying a visit to the High museum!

  3. Tracey Spragg says:

    Very informative article Ashley. Thank you for sharing. We often travel to different states and countries for art but we should start in our own backyards.

  4. Tomika says:

    Yes I agree this article is very informative. I have visited this museum a few times but wasn’t aware of the different specials that catered to our youth. Definitely a plus offered by the High Museum. Thank you for this information!

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