By Cory Giles

Love Pizza for a good price, check this post out.

This month we ate at Gruppo a Thin Crust Pizza spot on the east side , with other Italian specialties. We had 2 Pizza’s , one plain and another with Pepperoni & Sausage.



The customer service was great , we sat down , and instantly we were given menus and the day’s specials. The place is cozy small , not to large. Not a spot you would go with like 5+ in friends. The plain Pizza was perfect the sauce, cheese , crust were all on point. All ingredients meshed perfectly , their was no over lap , you didn’t have more sauce then cheese or vice versa. The Pizza was hot on the first bite so had to let it cool down. For drinks we had the House Lemonade which we strongly recommend. It comes unsweet but they give you liquid sugar to help sweetin the drink. I think that was just cool , but after you are done with your lemonade don’t try to drink the liquid sugar straight.

After the Pizza cooled down it was great , my Pepperoni slices were just as good. Their choice of Pepperoni and the amount used was great!  Gruppo has more than one location and they all have different names. Spunto , Posto, and Vezzo and the other chains and are located within Manhattan.


Want to check out Gruppo they are located at

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