By Cory Giles

Once upon a time we did something called #ThirstyThursdays.


Each and every Thursday we would highlight the best Vodka’s in the world.  So for this #SpotlightSunday post we figured we would spotlight a vodka favorite, in Grey Goose. Everyone know’s the name Grey Goose from celebrities to club owners.

Grey Goose is a bacardi-owned brand of premium priced vodka produced in France. Goose was designed for the American market in 1997 , it was a concept to be a high quality vodka for Americans. But what makes this the right choice for our vodka of the week? Not only does it taste good, its still a favorite to the late night party goer in NYC , from the one who opens a tab , or the one who may get the 2 bottles of the Goose on a club discount.

You can never get tired of this drink , honestly this is the 1st Vodka drink I ever had. That’s something ill never forget we all have had moments with it if not as your first vodka drink , maybe it was that drink that got you really wasted! 

Grey Goose is keeping themselves relevant , in magazine ads, commercials , and billboards. Also,  staying connected thru their Twitter @greygoose and their Facebook page.  

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