By Kadeem

Emily’s in Brooklyn’s Clinton Hills section is a unique place to try a wood oven style pizza.


The restaurant which was opened by Matt and Emily Hyland, serves Neopolitan style pizza cooked in wood burning ovens which give the pizza crust a nice smoky, flavor with a hint of char. Specialty pizzas are categorized by sauce color red, pink and white, and their signature pizzas include The Colony which uses pickled jalapenos and honey to give the pizza a spicy sweet taste, as well as The Emily which is a white pizza made with truffle sottocenere, pistachios, and honey.


Aside from pizza the other most popular food item at the restaurant is it’s Emmy Burger which is served in limited quantities at dinner time, but served unlimited during lunch hours. The Emmy Burger is made from dry aged ground beef, Grafton Cheddar Cheese, and Emmy Sauce which is a buffalo sauce style sauce with Korean touch. Burgers are served with regular fries or upgraded to horseshoe fries (fries topped with chorizo, cheddar cheese, salsa verde, slow poached egg, cilantro. The Emmy Burger is a bit pricey costing $26 per order.
Since opening Emily’s has opened two more locations aside from their Clinton Hill restaurant, opening a sister restaurant called Emmy Squared in Williamsburg, as well as a soon to open second Emily location in the West Village.
Emily’s is located at 919 Fulton Street in Brooklyn.

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