By Jasmine

 It’s Spring Break 2016, and Tampa is flooded with young tourists enjoying the dopest time of the year for college students and young graduates.


With that being said, the theme parks, bars and night clubs are filling up right now! The buzz in the streets of the Tampa Bay, is an entertainment venue, bar and lounge in South Howard, ‘SoHo,’ called Drynk. The bar and lounge by day and nightclub by night had been around for several years already but as of late things have been going very well for the newly renovated hot spot. 


Drynk is just like most of the other South Howard hot spots to be right now, it’s a nice glitzy looking venue with a high volume of people trying to fit in a reasonably sized place. In the past Drynk’s biggest complaint was that there wasn’t enough space to even dance, but when the new renovations were being done. The main focus was on the rearranging of the dance floor. 




Now the layout is great but what’s even better is the feeling the lighting of the club gives you. The seating area and main dance floor have custom ceiling LED icicles hanging, which create the illusion of 3-D lighting effects. Then there’s the DJ Booth which is centered in front of a huge screen that helps give additional effects to the constant changing multi-colored lights. 


The set up of the business is unique. There’s an indoor/outdoor bar with booths inside, and tables with red table cloths lying over them outside on the canopied patio. Also, like most places there’s the main room. Drynk’s main room consists of a DJ Booth, a stage, it’s own bar, and a VIP area with tables. 



The drinks are well mixed for a good price. And served by the most friendly and good looking bartenders. Aside the lights, music and drinks, which are all on point, the service and overall vibe at the Drynk seemed extremely positive. Drynk is highly recommended by locals and continuous visitors, especially because the promoters continue bringing in such amazing talent appearances. Drynk has already become a great alternative to the Ybor clubs and not just another stop on a Howard Avenue bar hop.



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