By Kadeem

As the temps are beginning to rise with summer right around the corner there’s a perfect way to cool down at -321° Ice Cream Shop in Williamsburg.


-321° is the place known for its liquid nitrogen ice cream, where all ice cream is made to order and cooled by pouring in -321 degree liquid nitrogen to intensify the flavors, while creating a cool, custardy delightful treat.
-321° Ice Cream Shop offers 8 varieties of sundaes but their signature flavor is matcha which is a blend of sweet cream, and matcha powder (green tea powder) topped with green tea flavored Kit Kat. The shop also sells a seasonal s’mores ice cream sundae which is made with chocolate ice cream topped with graham crackers and toasted marshmallows, as well as a seasonal tropical ice cream which contains coconut and mango, .


-321° Ice Cream Shop is located at 288 Grand Street Brooklyn, NY and is open from Tuesday- Friday from 3 pm-11 pm and on Saturdays and Sundays from 1 pm-11 pm. The shop is closed on Mondays. -321° Ice Cream Shop also is planning on opening locations in Manhattan and Queens.



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