By Cory Giles

Everyone has a passion , for some it runs deeper than others.


Some people have a true passion they only consider a hobby , some people’s passion grows into something they want to make a career out of.  When wanting to make this career out of your passion you may not have the funds and worst of all may not have the time.  The reason you may not have that time is because you have a full fledged job. You know 40 hours a week , hour breaks , sick days , and a boss who tells you what to do like they contributed to your birth. Oh yeah how could I forget the place that tells you that you can only have 2 days off a week and 2 weeks of a vacation. Those who want to take that next step into quitting that job into working for themselves don’t know how to, and some are scared too.  Well someone finally made some steps for you to go by.  As my team calls these the ” How To Quit Your Job Commandments” and Karlie Hustle is your Biggie Smalls.


Karlie recently started a You Tube series on how to quit your job , giving you tips , steps , and questioning your motivates.  She dropped 7 Episodes so far and they are all below.



Episode 1-

Episode 2-

Episode 3-

Episode 4-

Episode 5-

Episode 6-

Episode 7-

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