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I had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with a true innovator in the sneaker culture today, one of the founders of The Solepack Michael Sala. We discussed a product that not only is undoubtably cool, but extremely functional for anyone from sneakerheads to basketball players to hikers, this product offers amazing functionality for anyone looking to keep their kicks intact in all aspects of commuting and traveling.image-7


What is the solepack for those who don’t know what it is ?


The Solepack is the premier shoe transport bag, it’s a shoe accessory that allows you to take your shoes and pack it on the sides of your backpack for people that are on the hustle and on the move, so anytime you’d want to pack and extra pair of kicks you simply strap the solepack to your existing backpack and then you’re good to go. Made of heavy duty nylon and neoprene, our initial line was designed to fit a size 12 mens hightop. There are adjustable straps that allow for a snug fit on the backpack you already have. Dual fasteners on the front and back straps allow for easy removal from your pack when needed. The breathable vents provide proper ventilation, keeping your kicks fresh! With two of Solepack’s founders being Doctors of Physical Therapy, ergonomics was configured into its design. The SP-1’s patented design stores your kicks on the sides of your backpack, providing the most ergonomic means of storage during travel.


So what was the vision behind creating the Solepack?


You know this kind of falls under that cliché of the ‘lightbulb going off in your head”, I used to be a commuter into NYC from Staten Island and I used to play a lot of ball, I was basically a gym-rat and play ball everyday. I would pack my shoes up in like a tied up plastic footlocker bag .I looked for a product that let me store my shoes on my backpack, but there were none… so I invented one myself! I surrounded myself with great people and Solepack was born.


What was the inspiration for you when you created this product?


I’m a Physical Therapist by trade so I needed something that offered functionality, just being from new york there’s so many things that can inspire you from hip hop to skaters, I wanted to come up with a new york inspired product that everyone could use and that would help you in your travels.


The first model of the Solepack is called the SP-1 how much is the cost?


Our suggested retail price for it $39.99 we’ve priced it so that would attract the everyday consumer. We’re trying to appeal to the sneaker subculture, athletes and commuters by offering an accessory that stores your shoes functionally.


What does the future of Solepack look like ?


We’re going to expand with the product with working with local graffiti artists here from Staten Island and also some out on the west coast to come up with some cool prints for the solepack. We have people in the Philippines that will help reach the basketball community out in Asia.




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