By Jasmine

In the Tampa area feeling hungry? Cant choose between Spanish or Italian food?… I have the perfect place to go to satisfy both cravings. This week’s #SpotlightSunday goes to Carmine’s. 
Carmine’s is a dining and entertainment restaurant located in Tampa’s latin quarters, the heart of Ybor City. In Florida, Ybor is one of the only two historical landmark districts. Carmine’s sits on a block that is known as one of the “10 Great Streets in America.” While looking out at the busy music filled 7th Avenue through massive windows, you can enjoy delicious meals. 


The restaurant serves a variety of dishes from Spain, Cuba, and Italy. For lunch you can have a pressed Cuban sandwich with a side of Spanish rice or a tasty, meaty, richly made lasagna coupled with a glass of wine of your preferred taste. Inside you will be blown away by the different beers, liquors, and wines behind the industrial chic bar with granite countertop.


If ever visiting Ybor City while in the Tampa Bay, make sure to stop and eat at Carmine’s I promise you’ll be highly satisfied with the selections of food and drinks, the environment, and service.


By clicking the links below, you can check out the lunch and dinner menu. 

Lunch Menu

Dinner Menu

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