By Jasmine

The perfect go to spot for fresh cuts,fun, hip hop and pretty much all things artistic ! 


The Ybor City Barbering Company is located in the heart of Ybor City. It’s a barbershop by day, and the neighborhood hot spot by night. The layout of the shop is nice, gives great vibes for the business.  There’s the actual barbershop, a second side where there is a beer pong table, pool table and tvs on the wall, then the outside. The outside is where the events are held, with picnic tables, a stage and audio setups. Events can be held inside and outside of the shop. 


While waiting to get a fresh fade you can enjoy sipping on a complimentary beverage of your choice, such as a beer or wine. These drinks are held at the bar in the back of the shop. If you choose to make an event out your barber trip , this barbershop is the place to be! 


Every month a themed event is hosted by the hip hop inspired art collective known as Growhouse. For May, Growhouse will be hosting the “Regional Team Poetry Slam” at the barbershop. So if you’re in the Tampa Bay towards the end of the month, love hip hop, and love art make sure to stop by and support the culture! Men, you can catch a fly shape up while sipping beer with the homies, and ladies you can come through with your girls and enjoy a night filled with music, art and great conversation. 


Bar Menu below: 

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