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ALL Scorpio’s are in for a treat; for this is their time to shine!


From October 23rd – November 21st the character traits of being loyal, passionate, resourceful, observant, and dynamic are in full force. Psychic, Kim Allen has predicted how the month of November will turn out for all of the Scorpio’s of the world. Take a look, and see if her prediction applies to you!

Nov. 2014

Scorpio: Wow!!! The past few weeks have been a real doozy! Last month’s solar eclipse put a ‘bright light’ on the status of your relationships so that you can sense how things really stand. At this point situations are beginning to improve in your personal unions! You should now know who your enemies are so you can create a ‘force shield’ away from them and also focus on loved ones and the people you can trust in all circumstances! With communication-planet Mercury entering your sign on the 6th you’ll hear from a few people you thought had ‘dropped off the face of the planet.’ This will bring some peace because you’ve been troubled by not knowing what was happening with a couple of the people you truly liked. So, after the 6th you’ll be busy reestablishing a few old relationships and finding out answers about others.

The big question is ‘what do you plan to do about love?’ Yes, everyone knows that you can be a very secure and independent person, but having a vibrant love life is necessary to making you feel connected. The full Moon on the 6th helps concentrate your energy on getting your relationship situations in order. You can be extremely lucky in love as attraction-planet Venus brings new energy to your partnership during this time! Do you need more love or want a love ‘up grade?’ This full Moon can open opportunities to bringing you what you want! This is an excellent time to improve your appearance. Beauty-planet Venus in your sign encourages image changes to accentuate your assets! With the holiday coming on the 27th chances are you’ll have lots of people surrounding and keeping you company… the better you look, the better you’ll impress!

The power of money grabs all of your attention after the 16th. Attraction-planet Venus also wants you to have some extra cash in your pockets before the end of the month as it is joined on the 22nd with the Sun and the new Moon in your house of resources. Look for ways of earning more money by seeking some over time on the job or maybe looking for a part time job for the holidays. Try not to be too candid to those around you during Thanksgiving. You can have a very sharp tongue when it comes to being honest. During this holiday, ‘silence is golden!’ Best Days: 2,3,10,11,20,21,29,30. Stressful Days: 6,7,13,14,27,28.

Source: Kim Allen

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